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'eDamn the heat and the flies! 

Iron Duke Miniatures

The Waterkloof Range

A new 28mm mini-range of amaXhosa warriors for the 6th-8th Cape Frontier Wars (1834-53). 

Check out the Orange River Range for British opponents.


WKF 1 Xhosa skirmishers. (NYA). (£16.00). 

8 warriors, various ancillaries (kaross and assegais).

WKF 2 Xhosa horseholders. (NYA). (£20.50).

2 teenaged horseholders, 6 horses, 2 muskets. Figures are open-handed so that spears can be substituted if preferred.  

Note: we bill these two chaps as 'teenagers' because we're presently adapting the skirmishers in WKF 1 to be compatible with the Xhosa figures made by Perry Miniatures, (which makes it necessary that we slightly upscale them), and these two still have marginally smaller heads.

WKF 3 Mounted Xhosa & Kat River Rebels. (NYA). (£28.50)

6 riders & 6 horses.

THEM 28 'Steak on the Hoof'. A small herd of Nguni cattle. (NYA).

These are in the THEM range but it can't do any harm to also display them here.